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In the center of the plot of the series “Will” is a great playwright and one of the most famous writers of England – William Shakespeare. It was only in 1589 that he was not yet a universal favorite. Then the writer arrived in the capital of London to satisfy his creative ambitions. Here he planned to begin the career of a playwright, and the great city immediately conquered the author. In a small town Stratford for such a talent there was no place, but in the capital of England it is not easy to survive. The fact is that in the country in the end of the XVI century religious riots raged. An angry Catholic Church, which seemed to lose power, eliminated everyone who had only dared to encroach upon the authority of the clergy. Not accustomed to be silent, William Shakespeare immediately attracted everyone’s attention with his daring creativity. This man did not have fabulous wealth, but he had talent. In less than a few years, the playwright had already staged his plays in small theaters, gradually penetrating into the higher English society. Here there were intrigues, there were rules of conduct that young Shakespeare did not always follow. His impudence bordered on rudeness, and genius seemed an indisputable fact. However, not all of them treated the great author with respect. Shakespeare had his enemies, people who did not like the audacious creativity of the author. Many people in secular society were embarrassed by the author’s stormy personal life. His novels were legendary, and this invariably attracted the attention of the Catholic Church. Possessing incredible performance, Shakespeare created sonnets of the poem, religious works, which were destined to go down in history. However, the plays of the playwright invariably became an occasion for scandal. About the cult author, the most famous writer of the UK will tell the series “Will”. Shakespeare’s personality is enveloped in numerous speculations and mysteries, but his amazing, saturated life still causes interest among contemporaries.

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