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Popular TV show by David Wain, Michael Showalter with original title Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later first aired 2017-08-04 on Netflix. All episodes of Wet Hot American Summer season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

The events of the series “Wet Hot American Summer” take place in the summer of 1981. Camp for teenagers “Firewood”, which gathers children for the summer holidays from all over the country, opens the first shift. Located on the shore of the lake family business, already for three generations meeting holidaymakers, is in a difficult financial situation, threatening to close due to bankruptcy. To avoid such a catastrophic procedure, the owner of the camp Jim, in order to attract customers, invites a real director to the theatrical group “Firewood”, who, together with the teenagers, will have to create his own production, which will be shown at the closing of the shift. The attendants are also recruited from once-off children who, having matured, decided to connect their lives with the amazing place with which many have the most vivid impressions of childhood. Such a move with the selection of the labor collective, which is well within the knowledge of the peculiarities of the camp life, should bring Jim the expected advantages in comparison with specialists hired from outside companies that are unfamiliar with the atmosphere of this particular place, which turns out to be an unexpected discovery for many. While resting children get acquainted, fall in love and quarrel, and the owner of the camp counts up his rather modest income, on the other side of the lake an elite recreation club for the children of rich parents is blossoming, able to pay even the most adult entertainment to their offspring. Having each of its advantages, the two camps converge in an irreconcilable struggle for the championship on the lake, which leads to a mass of amusing fascinating incidents that become the most memorable for teenagers, regardless of the financial situation of their parents. And at this time, their lives are under serious threat, negligent representatives of a large company, without thinking about the possible consequences, poured into the lake the waste of chemical production.

Wet Hot American Summer season 2

Wet Hot American Summer season 2

Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later    2017-08-04

Returning Series

TMDb: 8/10 3 votes

A comic satirical series "Wet Hot American Summer" season 2 from the streaming service Netflix, which is the sequel to the not-so-successful American satirical tape sixteen years ago called "Wet Hot American Summer" (2001). This film was very low-budget, and the cost of it was only five million dollars, and in the domestic US box office not a little did not reach to three hundred thousand. About the world box office and did not recall. In addition, the criticism was ...

Wet Hot American Summer season 1

Wet Hot American Summer season 1

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp    2015-07-31


TMDb: 6.4/10 35 votes

The comedy TV series is based on the movie "Wet Hot American Summer", which was released in 2001. The series will tell us about families who, with children or alone, came to rest in the camp. Holidaymakers learn from the news that fragments from the space satellite can fall to the place of rest. Professor Henry Newman, by all means, intends to save the camp from destruction, and people from the disaster and terrible consequences. In this brave man falls in ...

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