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The series “Vikings” tells about the life of the famous Ragnar Lodbrock. The honest fighter sincerely tried to direct the forces of his brothers to the conquests of the western territories off the coast of England, but the leader of the Vikings, Yarl Haraldson, was inexorable. He again led the soldiers who were loyal to him to the east along the already known trails. Then Ragnar had to assemble a small detachment of adherents of his views, who built a reliable fast ship.

A successful campaign brought a lot of riches, but did not improve the relationship between the yarl and Ragnar. Haraldson fears that Lodbroke will try to take his place, because the authority of the latter in the people is growing. People praise Ragnar for his courage, and then the visionary tells the jarl that a talented general can overthrow him. Their confrontation turns into a victory for the impudent, young Viking. Now Ragnar leads an entire army of mighty warriors.

Despite the doubts of his people, he is intent on continuing his wanderings. Thanks to a new friend, Catholic Ethelston, the protagonist learns about Paris, London and other European cities. He intends to capture each of them, but does not take his wife to Lagerta on a trip. In distant lands, Ragnar gets an affair with Aslaug, not suspecting that she will become pregnant.

The great warrior has to take her as his second wife, with which the legal wife of Lagerta categorically disagrees. She leaves her husband, taking with her Bjorn. Many years later, the matured heir will become a reliable support for the valiant parent. And Lagerta herself, after marrying the detractor of the former beloved Sigvard and killing him, helps Lodbrook become the king of Denmark.

A few years later, the numerous Scandinavian troops decided on a desperate campaign against the inaccessible lands of France. Paris – the goal of the victorious Varangian. The siege of the city lasted a lot of time, both sides suffered significant losses. However, even the march to freedom-loving France for Ragnar became victorious. The sly plan of the famous leader contributed to the seizure of Paris. During negotiations with the Franks, he expressed the desire to accept the enemy’s faith.

Vikings increasingly notice the changes in their yarl. Ragnar, who used to praise Odin, now speaks more and more like a European, and now he intends to accept another’s faith. Realizing that everything that is happening is the work of Etelstan, Floki, one of the faithful companions of Ragnar. Prepares a plan for revenge. Clouds thicken over the main character, but his business to conquer the world can always continue children.

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