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Popular TV show by Kyle Jarrow with original title Valor first aired 2017-10-09 on The CW. All episodes of Valor season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

In every case there are professionals who set the rules and raise the bar of skill higher and higher. Some of them are so good that there is not a person in the world who can repeat the achievements of these pros. Before you is a project “Valor” that talks about helicopter pilots who have so sharpened their skills that they are now ready for the most complicated operations in the air. These people are already working for higher government structures. It seems that they have no weaknesses, it seems that they are ideal in their roles. The main characters of this project are brave guys who will never give up their homeland, because they adore their business! Nora – a girl who decided to put before herself the most difficult task – to stand on a par with the best pilots of helicopters in her country. She is a very brave and confident girl who is always ready to serve the Motherland and improve her skills. Nora’s personal life is also stormy. The girl has feelings for the young man Gallo, who now serves with her. The couple is trying to do everything possible to make every effort to improve their skills. However, on the exercises and personal problems and conflicts – a common thing! Let’s see how the main characters will bravely cope with all the difficulties!

Valor season 1

Valor season 1

Valor    2017-10-09

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TV series "Valor" season 1. Human impressions and army endurance are hard to cooperate. And, as soon as you are a lady, you need to justify every day, you actually take your place. Nora works in the elite helicopter division on the basis of the United States Army. The occupation is not feminine, although it is a real fighter and even receives government merit. The unit is prepared for execution of hidden international and internal assignments. Nora returns with ideas to ...

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