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Popular TV show by Ben Edlund with original title The Tick first aired 2016-08-19 on Amazon. All episodes of The Tick season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

The audience will be transferred to the usual noisy and bustling American City. But from hundreds of other similar settlements this one is distinguished by an important detail. The superheroes here are the usual thing. Once the peace of the inhabitants was even guarded by a whole group of fighters against evil – the Flagostic Five. They were loved and revered until one terrible day, when an invulnerable team was attacked by a terrible super-villain Terror. The misfortune directly touched also the simple boy Arthur Everest, whose father died under the wreckage of the fallen ship of heroes. And from that moment the life of the boy changed forever …

It’s been 20 years since the Five was defeated. Townspeople are used to watching superheroes saving other megacities, only on TV. Local streets are patrolled only by ordinary policemen. But can not the guardians of order that have super-abilities protect the population ?! Arthur, who has grown up, is sure that when the Terror returns, no one will be safe. And the young man does not doubt that the villain will still have an effect. Let everyone around, including his own sister, say that the criminal was defeated long ago by the hero Superion. The guy is convinced that a mad monster is not so easy to kill.

Everest regularly arranges for surveillance of street mafia clans, hoping through them to go to the supervillain, who deprived him of his father. During the next raid, he gets acquainted with the unusual and obviously deprived intelligence of the gentleman in bright blue robes. An unusual type is called Tick. Teak believes that they were reduced by providence, and makes Arthur a partner, giving him a superhero costume stolen from bandits. At first, suffering from neuroses, not very brave and insecure in himself, Everest resists such drastic changes in his destiny. However, the new acquaintance is full of enthusiasm and believes that a clever, friendly Arthur will be a great companion. And together they surely will overcome not only the Terror, but also other villains who are certain to appear in the City.

The Tick season 1

The Tick season 1

The Tick    2016-08-19

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TMDb: 7.1/10 17 votes

TV show "The Tick" season 1 - that series resembles a game picture of the tv animated series, that initially emerged on the American station Fox Kids at 1994, and consequently, was a display edition of the comic book of the identical title. Comics, also following him along with his display incarnations are a parody of funny books on superheroes and super-villains. Teak, together with his helper, Arthur, are valiantly battling with the offense that captured the City. The primary antagonist ...

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