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Death has long ceased to disturb the inhabitants of the planet Earth, dozens of people die daily in car accidents and air crashes, hundreds die of hunger, old age and disease, thousands are victims of armed conflicts. All this is quite usual, but what if the plane landed in the airport of New York, whose passengers not only became victims of terrorism, illness or pilots’ errors, but died in terrible and mysterious circumstances, to find out which is entrusted to one of the city’s best epidemiologists. The case was also taken up by the local police, since it was found out that a huge box had disappeared from the cargo hold of the plane after landing, the contents of which, according to the preliminary version, caused death of passengers. Policemen and doctors enthusiastically embark on an investigation, interview the airport staff and put several, surviving passengers in quarantine. But all the above actions do not result in the result, no known infection in the blood of survivors is found, have to remove the cordon and disband people to their homes.

The authorities decide to terminate the case, but the epidemiologist is not sure that he will do the right thing by stopping to investigate the mysterious deaths, because he violates the order and eventually becomes the protagonist of the bloody and horrifying history, fighting against forces that ordinary people do not have the slightest representation. In his hometown, where his family lives, his son, wife, friends, came one of the greatest vampires in history, and the purpose of his visit is quite far from the tourist trip. The ancient evil crawled outside to take possession of the bodies and souls of people, turning them into vampires – all, without exception. Chances to survive in the multimillion population of the city is almost none, because none of the people and does not suspect the true cause of the disease that struck their loved ones, no one, except for one old and wise Jew, who once dealt with vampires. Will only one elderly person save a whole city, or will the day when a transatlantic airplane landed at the airport become a black Tuesday in the history of America?

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