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The heroes of this animated series do not know the laws of time and do not allow you to feel the age of your viewers, equally liking any age category of your fans. To date, the Simpsons are the longest animated series in the history of mankind.

In the center of the plot, The Simpsons is an ordinary family consisting of five people: the couple Homer and Marge, and their son Barth (10 years) and daughters Lisa (8 years) and Maggie (1 year). The plot of the cartoon is not concentrated on some individual character, but through the adventures of each of the representatives of this family or sometimes their neighbors in the small town of Springfield, is a good-natured parody of the American way of life.

The head of the Homer family most often turns out to be the main hero of the new series, telling about the life of this seemingly simple provincial American family. He is a cheerful fat man who works as a security inspector at the Springfield nuclear power plant, owned by the ill-starred tycoon magnate Mr. Burns. He treats his work very casually, because of which there are occasional cases of emergency, but every time a happy and necessarily funny accident helps to avoid serious consequences. How much Homer does not like his job, so he likes to eat deliciously and drink beer with friends after a hard day at a bar at Moe’s friend. Because of alcohol abuse, senior Simpson often finds himself in curious situations, which then have to be solved almost by the whole world, but his family is always ready to help him, and a loving wife Marge always forgives for any fraud. And all because Homer has a good heart and he is ready for any feats for the sake of the happiness of his loved ones, even Bart’s son, whose tricks often lead him out of himself.

Deciding to press the Sims online from the very first series, you will see that originally it was the ten-year-old Bart who was the main character of the animated series. The adventures of this little prank attract the attention of millions of children from all over the world. Despite the fact that he constantly has to remain after the lessons as a punishment and write chalk on the chalkboard repeating apologies for bad behavior (this is how each series begins), his restless character from season to season remains unchanged. He is still happy to break the lesson and bring Steven Skinner’s school director to a white heat. In one of the series Bart late for a meeting with the Mafiosi complained that the director, leaving him after class, prevented him from coming on time. But be sure, even such seemingly intractable by a good way of collision, each time end safely for all the cartoon characters.

The female half of the Simpson family is much more manners, unlike the male. Marge Marge is responsible for the order in the house, she advises with wise advice of her unfortunate husband, who, however, as usual, will make a hilariously wrong and does not give the tombar Bart to turn upside down not only the school, but the whole city. Clever Lisa is a round honors pupil and has a clear position regarding any issue that many adults do not know the answer to. She is smarter than her father, who loves her and is proud of her, but, in matters of diet, she does not share her decision to be a vegetarian. And little Maggie unites around herself all such different, but surprisingly sweet members of the Simson family.

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