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Mindy Lahiri from the earliest childhood was a very passionate fan of funny romantic comedies. For those long years, when she developed a taste, preferring completely different classical works of writer Nora Efron. Mindy carefully studied genre razlichnye trails, but his personal life and could not establish. She is almost 31 years old. And she still works as a gynecologist in a pretty decent clinic, sometimes interrupting casual sex with the intemperate doctor Jeremy.

You might think that the reason for Mindy’s love affair is that she does not look exactly like a dumb blonde … But the real reason is not at all in this. It’s all about her bad character: Mindy is very arrogant, rude, and too self-confident, and also does not shut her mouth … In “The Mindy Project” series one can even observe not sarcasm typical for the US in relation to their heaped medicine, in which is primarily dominated by money and insurance, and then a beggar without medical insurance.

Fans of the series “Office” this funny series will be quite interesting. A romantic line is quite present. Comedy stories – too. Quite a decent American series, but with a decent admixture of cynicism, racism, chauvinism, romanticism and comedy.

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