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The comedy series “The Mayor”. Courtney still dreamed of a big stage and glory from school. The young man was composing a rap and even wanted to record his own album. However, it was not easy to do this, because such a pleasure was worth a lot of money. He also could not get into show business, since it was impossible to do this without ties and money. And when the young man was already desperate to change anything, he learned that soon the mayor’s elections would be held in the city. The plan has matured in the head of the main character. He realized that the election campaign is the best advertising. So in order to become famous, he only needs to apply for participation in the elections.

The man was well aware that many people would not vote for him. However, the mayor’s post did not interest him. After all, he needed only to be shown on the screen several times, taking part in the election debates. But what happened was what no one could have expected. It was Courtney residents who chose the new official, because they saw the potential in it. Residents considered that this person would not steal from them and lie about achievements. That’s just now to do the protagonist? After all, he did not plan at all to occupy such a high position and the more he did not want to take responsibility for all the townspeople.

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