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The series “The Librarians” will be liked by those who saw all three parts of the same film, where the main character was Flynn Karsen. Scattered, well-read, encyclopedic literate, handsome man, ready to sacrifice even his own life for the sake of saving the world. The last part came out in 2008, and since then many have been wondering how the further life of the unusual librarian has developed. Viewers were given the opportunity to see the continuation of the story, as well as to get acquainted with the new heroes. And they were enough. All of them received unusual letters in a white envelope without identification marks. Gold letters of the text appeared right through the reading. These letters were sent to the Library, which again needed help. But those who received the letters had a hard time, as it became known that someone was killing applicants for the post. Flynn and his new guardian Yves are sent on search of the remaining three candidates to save them from imminent death. Who has got the desired position in the most unusual place in the world?

Cassandra Killian, Ezekiel Jones, Jake Stone are new librarians, seekers of artifacts. The Library chose Yves Baird, the girl of extraordinary beauty. However, appearance is deceptive. In fact, Yves is a professional fighter against terrorism, a NATO colonel. Flynn can not put up with the fact that now he will have to work in a team. But the circumstances develop in such a way that only with the help of the red-haired beauty Cassandra, who has a dangerous tumor growing up in her brain, Ezekiel’s professional thief and the owner of Jake’s huge IQ, he can defeat the villains without letting them release real magic into the world. They have to confront the Brotherhood of the Serpent, who is carrying dangerous plans. Initially, the elected librarians work together with Flynn, but after that comes the realization that it’s time to separate and prove that they themselves are capable of much. Since then, and start their exciting and dangerous adventure.

What is not waiting for newly-made librarians? They have to find the way out of their Mysterious labyrinth, save Santa Claus, turn into real fairy-tale characters, neutralize the house in which the real ghost lives, visit the computer game and even go to the past. In general, experience many adventures, each of which you can watch from your screens.

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