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The series “The Last Tycoon” has not only a strong cast, but also touches on the important socio-political themes that rise in the course of the plot.

The protagonist of the series is the talented producer Monroe Star, who works in Hollywood in his Golden Age, that is, in the 30s of the last century. Cinematography is developing at a tremendous rate, and here are revolving serious money, on which the Monroe boss, his mentor Pat Brady is obsessed.

The very same hero dreams only to create a documentary about his recently deceased wife, actress Minna Davis. Thanks to the script written by brother Davis, Morneau has a very strong project on his hands, capable of stirring the hearts of every spectator in America of the day.

Pat Brady is not sure that it’s worth investing a decent amount of money in a melodramatic story about Minna’s path from a poor family to a Hollywood stage, but the talkative Monroe manages to convince a friend.

However, his ambitious plans suddenly interfere with politics. Nazism, which grew stronger in Europe, suddenly shifts to Hollywood. Perfectly aware of the strong influence of cinema on ideology and the progress of a regime, Hitler suggests that Hollywood studios abandon cooperation with Jewish actors. Each producer who agrees to exclude Jewish talents from his films will receive rental in Germany on favorable terms and a decent amount to finance future projects. Of course, the Nazis also turn to Pat Brady, who is considered one of the most powerful producers of Hollywood of the 1930s. Brady himself is not against cooperating with the Nazis, especially on such favorable terms for him.

But only the new political climate in the studio can prevent Monroe Star’s grand plans. The fact is that his wife was Jewish, and the project about the formation of the personality of a Jewish woman is contrary to the ideology of Hitler and Germany. From this begins a massive confrontation between Monroe and his teacher Pat Brady. Behind this confrontation lies the struggle between democracy and dictatorship, honor and money, morality and greed. In order not to lose his idea and honor the memory of his wife, the protagonist has to confront the Nazi machine, which does not accept rebellion and freedom of speech.

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