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The series “The Last Ship” attempted the crew of the military ship “Nathan James” to save those few who remained alive after the world epidemic.

Captain 2-rd rank Tom Chandler, along with his team is preparing to go for a few months to sail. Their goal is to teach in the ice of the Arctic. As passengers on board, two virological scientists rise up, who are very comfortable with the route of the ship in their search for necessary samples.

For the duration of the operation Captain Chandler was ordered to observe radio silence. When the team has already completed the mission and is preparing to go home, they are attacked by Russians without any explanation. The crew copes with the threat, and the Captain understands that it was the work of the virologist Rachel Scott that caused the attack.

From a woman he learns about the pandemic that swept the planet. It turns out that the teachings were a cover for Scott’s job of finding a cure. In a secret from Chandler, the researchers contacted the laboratories and know that the virus continues its procession and has already killed about 80% of the population. On the shoulders of the team “Nathan James” lies the responsibility for the fate of the planet.

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