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TV show “The Goldbergs”. We leave with you in the eighties of last century. The focus of history is a girl named Beverly. She is a very unusual heroine, who adores power! True, it was not possible to reach the top of the political sphere. The main character prefers to manage her family as if she were her state. In particular matriarchy Beverly manifests itself in the control of children and her husband, whom she keeps in the gloves of a mittens! Father Murray, when his wife is not around, shows his despotism and confidence in complete permissiveness! Perhaps, that is why the family is in complete harmony, because the husband and wife found each other. Both despots, both – amateurs manage! Children have to constantly suffer from this horror. Adam became a happy owner of the camera, which now records all the lawlessness that his family is happy with. The main character perfectly understands that he will fly, if he will so often shoot the camera at home, but the guy claims that he dreams of becoming a famous director. Let’s see if he can develop his talent in such a family. So far, every day of the life of this character is filled with incredibly gay events and attempts to avoid contact with parents.

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