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The main heroine of the series “The Girlfriend Experience” is a law student named Christine. She is talented and high in the profession. Through hard work, Christine manages to enter an internship in a prestigious law firm. Here, working hard, the girl works hard to get a permanent job, and her efforts are almost not paid. A girlfriend of the main character, Avery, on the contrary refuses to spend the best years of her life on a low-paid job with a prospect. Avery is sure that modern law firms only exploit young talents for their own purposes, without giving them any guarantees. The very young beauty works as an elite girl on call, choosing the most suitable clients for herself. Learning about the true source of friend’s earnings, Kristin is shocked, but the idea of ​​becoming an elite prostitute does not scare her. Due to Avery, the girl goes on a first date with a secured client. Soon she starts to work on a regular basis as a prostitute under the name of Chelsea. Such work brings a huge income, and besides, it gives Kristin considerable pleasure. Working not on the street, but with a private base of wealthy clients, the main character has the opportunity to choose men herself. Among her lovers are businessmen, politicians, and even simple family men. Such work, despite her immorality, helps Kristin better understand herself, getting rid of excess modesty. But the girl does not intend to abandon her plans for jurisprudence. That’s why she continues to pass an internship in a prestigious company, increasingly facing the risk of disclosing her clandestine earnings. Beautiful and intelligent, Kristin understands perfectly well that her parents and colleagues will not understand her strange fascination. That’s why she has to carefully hide her own double life. However, with each new client, with each meeting, the risk of disclosing her vicious profession becomes more and more tangible, but Christine simply can not abandon the escort. The series “The Girl on the Call” is pleasant to watch online, because the project has been worked out from a dramatic and even philosophical point of view. Each story line makes you think about choosing Kristin and her future.

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