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The main characters in the TV series “The Fosters” are Lena and Stephanie. These two women are very fond of each other, but the relationship of two lesbians to taste is not all people from their environment. Girls have to face again and again the social conflicts that they overcome for each other and their children.

Once, Stephanie was still in a relationship with men, and then her son Brandon appeared. However, in the relationship with Lena, the woman decided not to stop there. That’s why a couple of lesbians adopted a few more kids, among whom was the problem Callie.

The girl’s mother died when she was still a baby girl, and her father was imprisoned after committing several major crimes. Cully does not want to become a member of an unusual family, but life in the orphanage does not suit her.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Kally has a romantic relationship with Brandon. The connection with his own brother, though not his own, seems to the girl to be abnormal, but she can not resist her own feelings. And then it turns out that her own father, the one who is in prison, does not really have to be Kally’s relative.

To find out anything about his origins, Callie has to start an independent investigation. It’s only the search for a biological parent that further complicates her relationship with Lena and Stephanie.

Lena herself has been dreaming for many years of enduring and giving birth to a child. Once she manages to get pregnant, but health problems turn into a miscarriage. Against the background of what happened, Lena’s relationship with her beloved is beginning to suffer a crisis. It is not easy for twins Marianne and Jesus. They were also taken into the family by a couple of lesbians, but the guys now and then get into unpleasant situations. Thus, Jesus suffers because of excessive impulsiveness, is carried away by light drugs, and his sister conflicts with the biological mother Ana.

However, despite all the vicissitudes, Foster are still close and relatives to each other people. They try to overcome all existing problems, considering that the family is the main thing that can be in the world.

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