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Popular TV show by Jeremy Slater with original title The Exorcist first aired 2016-09-23 on Fox Broadcasting Company. All episodes of The Exorcist season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

“The Exorcist” is a series based on the eponymous horror film and novel, the plot of which tells about the people of our time, whose goal is to fight the demonic evil. The viewer is presented the theme of exorcism, which was once spoken by an American writer – William Peter Blatt. In the center of the story is Thomas Ortega – a man who recently started work as a servant in the Catholic Church. Under the control of the protagonist is a small church building in the Chicago area.

He lives a normal life and does not even know what unusual and incredible things he will soon have to face. It all begins with a meeting with a girl named Angela, who turns to the main character because of the strange things happening in her house. Indeed, her daughter markedly changed in behavior and became suspiciously strange. My mother is absolutely sure that something has happened to her. Unfortunate Angela no longer recognizes her Cat, which is now not the same as before. Thomas suspects that a demon could come to the girl, and promises to help. But alone it is difficult to cope with such a difficult business, so he is joined by Father Marcus Keene – a man who one of the few really believes in the supernatural and the incredible. Where will the heroes get this story? Time will tell.

The Exorcist season 2

The Exorcist season 2

The Exorcist    2016-09-23

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TMDb: 7.2/10 81 votes

The to begin with season from the "Exorcist" showed to become at the elevation as well as this showed to become a deserving extension from the unbelievably high, the very same movie pointed through supervisor WilliamFriedkin The tv series additionally coated the account defined in the movie, and included brand-new keep in minds, along with each series disclosing a constant story, enhancing this along with unanticipated spins from the story. The timeworn problem in between really good as well as ...

The Exorcist season 1

The Exorcist season 1


TMDb: /10 votes

TELEVISION collection "The Exorcist" is a contemporary variation of guide by William Blatty as well as the eponymous movie. Among the , movie celebrity Angela Rance looks to the clergyman Tomas Ortega in order to help recognize the unusual occasions occurring in her house. The psychological movie celebrity listens to voices coming straight from the wall surfaces as well as dark edges, as well as thinks that a devil resided in her home. Angela quickly required clergyman exorcist. Dad Ortega ...

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