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In the center of the plot of the series “Marvel’s The Defenders” are well-known spectators superheroes living in New York. Jessica Jones with her uneasy character, blind soldier Daredevil, mercenary Luke Cage and martial artist Iron Fist.

Each of them had to go through a series of life tests that proved that there is a lot of evil in the world, and even weaker, oppressed people who need protection. Unable to observe how their hometown turns into a cloak-ridden crime, people with super abilities decide to team up.

The only problem is that each of them is accustomed to act in a certain way, using their own, unique methods to achieve the goal. And if Jessica Jones works rudely, then Daredevil is not always ready to go for such actions.

Anyway, on the horizon appears a powerful enemy in the face of Alexandra. This elderly lady heads the criminal world of New York, and the abundance of superheroes is clearly not encouraging. Knowing perfectly how the rallying of people with unique abilities can turn out, Alexander decides to gradually destroy each of them. Manipulating his companions, the villain delivers to each superhero unbearable pain, forcing him to doubt the chosen fate.

A lot of problems are given to the Defenders by another superhero named Punisher. Being a cruel and uncompromising avenger, this man is not able to control his rage. As a result, the Punisher tears off the operations of the Defenders, repeatedly substituting them and himself.

And, of course, the characters have many personal problems, the solution of which requires their participation. Jessica Jones tries to keep Malcolm on the right path, guarding against the previous addictions. The Beloved Iron Fist, who also wants to be a part of the Defenders team, often does not understand how important the missions of her chosen one are.

And Matt Murdock again and again is forced to fight his growing feelings towards the beautiful Electra.

To save New York from evil and become a real team, the main characters will have to forget about their past and give every minute of their lives for the benefit of others.

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