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Intelligence is a strange thing. It makes it possible to unleash the most difficult problems in mathematics and physics, but leaves no chance to start relationships with women, especially for a long time. Young and very talented physicists, friends Sheldon and Leonard, are trying to find their place under the sun. However, they do not work very well with people. Guys in their genus genius, their total intelligence level is 360 points. With this IQ can easily get out of any life situation. However, they are not even interested in solving crossword puzzles. Leonard and Sheldon come up with theories, read a lot and like to entertain their minds with new assignments.

The calm world of the guys collapsed in an instant. Neighbor, very nice and slender – Penny settles down to them. She immediately has to taste Leonard, but his friend is skeptical about such an alliance. “Different species, you understand,” he says to him. To help come no less strange friends of Leo and Sheldon – Howard-polyglot and Rajesh-modest man, who does not soberly say a single girl even half a word. The series is comic and vital. Guy-scholars are trying their best to get recognition and to apply their talents. In addition, they learn to build relationships. Subtle American humor makes the series “The Big Bang Theory” ridiculous and easy!

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