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In the center of the plot of the series “Stranger Things” is the Byers family. On November 6, 1983, in a small town where Joyce Byers lives, terrible things happen: Will disappears, the 12-year-old son of a woman. This becomes a big shock for her and for all the rest of the residents of a quiet town.

However, Joyce does not intend to act idly, she turns to the local sheriff Jim Hopper, whose life can not be called sugar. Several years ago, Hopper’s daughter died because of the development of a malignant tumor. This circumstance exerted such a strong influence on the man that he drank and divorced his grieving wife. One way or another, the boy needs to be found. Realizing that adults are unlikely to go to the right track, Will’s friends take the investigation into their own hands. They go to the woods where they supposedly saw Will for the last time. But only the investigation of young detectives leads them to a completely unexpected discovery: in the forest they find a girl without a name and with unique abilities. This girl named “Eleven” has the gift of telekinesis and can easily destroy anyone who finds herself on her way.

That’s only by nature Odie – a very kind girl, who finds a common language with the buddies of the missing Will. It turns out that the stranger escaped from some government laboratory, where they conduct experiments on people, giving them their unique abilities. Government scientists use for this purpose some kind of force that they themselves can not control. Odie seems to have faced Will, but does not know where he went.

Lucas, Dustin and Mike suggest that the boy was kidnapped in order to put experiments on him in the same laboratory. That’s why the three children decide to go there, risk their lives to save Will. Odie is also being hunted, and if the villains find her, they will almost certainly be killed for disobedience.

Joyce, meanwhile, is trying to establish what her 12-year-old son was doing before disappearing. It turns out that the younger son had secrets from his mother, and high school student Jonathan is hiding something. It is possible that Will knew his captors, but Joyce’s hypotheses do not find rational reinforcement.

In any case, interference in the affairs of the government will not pass without a trace: the appearance of Odie in the city, the disappearance of Will and other events jeopardize the calm life of every local inhabitant.

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