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TV show “Star Wars: Rebels”. Fifteen years after the defeat of the clone battle, there is the Great Galactic Empire. She enslaved all the planets and destroyed the last Jedi. With its strength and power, no one can cope, so much has it strengthened its position over these fifteen years. But this does not mean that there are no daredevils who oppose brutal power. Each of them struggles for its survival in the hope that the time will come for liberation from tyranny.

Fifteen-year-old Ezra tries to survive half her life, hiding in the cellars, stealing from the Empire and helping the poor people who are oppressed by soldiers. He has his own accounts with the dictates – eight years ago his parents were killed. They were the last freedom-loving people who decided to publicly protest and call for an uprising. The boy is so homesick that he does not even dare to enter the house where he was once happy.

One day, Ezra, trying to block the Empire’s storm troopers a large box with something presumably valuable, gets acquainted with the offsuit team of a small space ship. Later, he learns that the captain of this ship, which is called the Ghost, was a real Jedi Keinan Jarous, who was saved from persecution by fate. The guy accidentally manifests his abilities, opening the message of the master Obi-Wan Kenobi, which not everyone was available. The suggestion of Kaynan to begin his education with all the wisdom of science being a Jedi was very encouraging to the boy. Now he has a house and a whole family in the person of the captain, the navigator of Hera, the strongman Zeb and the beauty of Sabrina, in the very first moments of acquaintance, the agitated heart of a teenager.

The crew of an unconquered ship will have to undergo tests, risk their lives, in order to gather a powerful force for the confrontation of the Empire. And while they steal weapons from stormtroopers, they rescue the prisoners and dream that their ranks will be replenished with new brave ones. But even now they are already a huge danger for the authorities, wishing at any cost to destroy the obstinate ship “Ghost”. Will it get them and who will win can you find out if the series “Star Wars: Rebels” is online.

The empire killed Ezra’s parents for insurgent ideas. The guy gets acquainted with the crew of the ship “Ghost” and his captain Jedi.

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