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The main characters of the series “Snowfall” are three young people who are absolutely different from each other. Logan Miller grew up in a good, decent family, but once came to the conclusion that a quiet life and work in the office he does not like. Logan went the other way and stood at the bottom of the cocaine epidemic that swept Los Angeles in the 80s. At that time, cheap crack from the Dominican Republic filled the streets, and people were looking for new, incomparable pleasures.

Gangsta Gustavo also decided not to stay away from the narcotic mania. A man for many years engaged in wrestling, but because of the injury he had to leave the sport. It is unlikely that Gustavo himself regretted the decision, because the business of spreading drugs brought him just a phenomenal profit.

Franklin, who works as a courier and turns small business on the street, became a participant in the events. Franklin is ambitious and bold, sometimes bordering on insanity. This guy does not have an elementary instinct for self-preservation, so every day he risks his life for the sake of likely huge profits. Despite the fact that Logan Miller has financial capabilities, his credibility in the market is constantly under threat. A young man has to put everything on the map, and the lives of his loved ones because of Logan’s criminal activities are under threat.

Gustavo also has to fight regularly against competition, because the distribution of drugs is a profitable business, and everyone in Los Angeles dreams of taking possession of his sales channel.

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