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The audience will get acquainted with the main character of this series – the ex-sniper of the Marine Corps, Bob Lee Suegger. His heroic service in the American army ended in tragedy. During the responsible mission, the guy lost his partner. Togo was killed by one of the best shooters in modern history – a mercenary-Chechen Solotov. Bob Li blames himself for the death of his comrade, leaves the army and tries to lead a quiet family life in a cottage far away from civilization on the coast. In this deserted area, he settled with his wife and little daughter and spends his days walking in the woods and household chores.

Peaceful provincial life of Suegger violates the sudden arrival of his former commander – Captain Isaac Johnson, now working in the presidential security team. According to the unexpected guest, the head of state was sent a threatening letter. The unknown promises to shoot the leader of the nation during his visit to Seattle. According to Johnson, Solotov is behind the impending crime. Isaac asks Bob Lee to help in the capture of the alleged killer. Reluctantly, he agrees and arrives at the Robotics Center, where the president must speak in three weeks. It is here, in the opinion of the special services, and there will be a loud murder.

Being a professional sniper, Suegger considers all possible points of fire, which seem Solotov suitable. Ex-Marine even gets exactly the same model of the rifle, on which, according to operative data, the Chechen gunman stopped the choice. Thanks to Bob Lee, Johnson and his people get an approximate action plan for the shooter. It seems that now everything will end safely. However, Suegger makes a mistake, as a result of which he becomes the main suspect in a daring assassination attempt. All the facts – from regular appearances near the Robotics Center to the purchase of weapons – only point to it. To prove innocence, the young man will have to disclose a whole conspiracy, as well as find the real executor and customer of the crime.

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