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Frank never distinguished his impeccable fatherly qualities: he drinks a lot, and his elder daughter Fiona is engaged in all family affairs. Six children learn to live on their own, helping each other out of the endless troubles. The mother of the family had long since left the house, and since then all her duties fell on the shoulders of poor Fiona. She abandoned her studies, moonlighting as a cleaning lady and a waitress, having time to build her personal life.

Despite the external asociality, the main characters always act as a united team, risking everything for the sake of the well-being of their loved ones. Perhaps the Gallaghers are not the most decent people, they swear a lot and are able to get involved in a fight, but their family ties can only be envied.

Fiona, who never finished school, is forced to perform all duties for her father. She works hard, loves her family, but at the same time she has a difficult character. And then one day a completely unexpected person interferes in Fiona’s life-her own mother. A woman suffering from bipolar disorder decides to take part in the life of the family. She behaves inadequately, constantly hinders the main character and conflicts with her ex-husband Frank.

The other children of the Gallagher family are also not a gift. Then one will fight at school, the other will confess in his unconventional sexual orientation. The younger members of the family are growing up, empirically discover what sex, love and betrayal are. At this very time, their attitude towards their father is changing. A wokeless drunkard Frank loses all authority among his children, while Fiona’s personal life starts to go uphill.

Members of a strange family without special moral principles from the series “Shameless” now and then get into trouble. They do not make friends with the law, they do not have a particular ingenuity, but the Gallaghers love their family and, thanks to the support of their close ones, manage to go through all the trials. One day, Fiona decides to create her family, but how will her relatives perceive this news?

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