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TV show “Riverdale”. The main among the heroes is sophomore Archie, who danced for a long time to the tune of his father. However, gradually, Archie understands that he does not want to make a standard career, but dreams of becoming a musician. For the sake of this goal, the young man creates a musical collective, whose business does not work. The main hero’s parents do not approve of his hobby, believing that Archie should choose a more reliable and profitable specialty.

Along the way, the town is shaken by a sensation: handsome Jason Blossom died for unknown reasons, and now suspicion falls on every inhabitant of the town. His twin sister knows a little more than he says to the police, but she is so addicted to lies that she has reached unprecedented successes in this field.

Archie’s life is complicated by heart problems. The thing is that the young man almost immediately falls in love with the new girl Veronica, who came to their small town from New York. Veronica is beautiful, intelligent, and it seems not indifferent to it. Between them immediately runs a spark, but Veronica is friends with Betty, who has been unrequitedly in love with Archie for many years.

Not wanting to spoil the friendship with a good girl, Veronica refuses the protagonist, breaking his heart. And then there are problems with the music teacher. The protagonist can not be realized in creativity, can not be with someone he loves, so depression covers him with his head.

For some reason, the sister of the deceased Jason is trying to drag Archie into investigating the case. The girl acts rudely, behaves aggressively, retaining the honorary title of the main queen of the class. She knows something about the last days of her brother, but refuses to tell about it.

It turns out that Riverdale hides many secrets and secrets. In this city, something terrible is happening, and it is because of this that Jason died. Getting involved in the investigation, the protagonist endangers not only his life, but also the well-being of those he really loves.

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