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In the center of the plot of the series “NCIS: Los Angeles” is a special unit for combating criminals, located on the territory of the Washington military shipyard. In official documents they pass under the name of Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Abbreviated as NCIS. And the employees themselves call their organization the Naval Police. Here people with a special mind and character are working. It seems that they do not know the fear of death. They always turn out to be where national security interests so require. They risk their lives, are introduced into the criminal environment, recognize the insidious plans of criminals and disrupt them, showing miracles of intelligence and resourcefulness. How many acts of terrorism and other atrocities have been prevented, thanks to these masters of reincarnation!

The backbone of the unit is only four heroes. Each of them is interesting and noteworthy in its own way. Each has its own strengths, helping in the prevention or investigation of crimes. And together these people form a close-knit team, where everyone is ready to work for wear and, if necessary, cover his back to a friend.

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