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The series “Modern Family” is worth a look to all fans of the comedy genre. The plot tells of three families connected with each other by family ties. The main characters are Claire and Phil Dunphy, bringing up three children. Phil tries in every possible way to prove to his children that he perfectly understands their problems and experiences. Trying to be a friend to a friend, Phil repeatedly puts them in an awkward position, which makes relations with teenagers even more strained. In spite of the fact that their family relations seem absolutely normal, oil is poured on the fire by numerous relatives, sometimes leading a not very sensible life.

So, for example, Claire’s father, Jay Prichett married for the second time on a woman almost half his age. Between Claire and her new stepmother Gloria are not set the best relationship, but gradually the girls find a common language. Gloria and Jay bring up Joe’s common son, and despite a series of conflicts and quarrels, they are very fond of each other. The couple met in pretty strange circumstances, at a party arranged by Jay after the departure of his first wife. Charming Gloria gave the man cocktails in a bikini, and after that fateful meeting, he still could not forget about the stranger. Gloria is a woman with temperament and Colombian roots, so she quickly loses her temper, but Jay himself does not have much patience. That’s why the couple often emotionally quarrels, and then no less brightly reconciles, striking everyone with their own peculiar relationship.

Brother Claire Mitchell works as a lawyer, and basically earns excellent, being the pride of the whole family. That’s just Mitchell himself – gay, and is in a long relationship with another man. After experiencing many crises in their love, men decide to adopt a child from Vietnam. In this regard, all the characters are facing problems, beginning with the parents themselves with unconventional orientation, and ending with Claire, who has many problems with her own children. However, when the charming girl Lily appears in the family, Mitchell and his partner Cameron, at last, feel happy. Sooner or later, there will come times when they will have to explain to the girl the reason for the strange composition of her family.

In each series, the characters have some problems of a working or personal nature that family members help them to solve. In passing, it demonstrates how three absolutely different families are interlinked, how they affect each other. The series raises not only important questions of paternity and motherhood, but also sanctifies the problems of homosexuality in modern society.

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