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We present to your attention the American television series, telling about the fate of members of a large family. The peculiarity of the single-chamber sitcom “Life in Pieces” is that all events occurring with the characters are described from the point of view of each of the characters. By and large, Shorts are happy narcissistic and vulnerable John, together with the powerful woman Joana, managed to create a real family, although once they themselves did not believe that they would succeed. However, the spouses have three children the oldest girl named Heather has already managed to become a mother herself. She married a charming guy, Tim, with whom she also had three children, which parents alternately joke, calling her family a pale likeness of her own. Younger son Greg also gradually builds his “cell of society” he is married to Jen, a girl who is about to give birth to his little son. The average son in this respect is more indecisive than everyone he only recently met a woman with whom he would not mind to engage in a serious relationship. With each of these people, something funny happens daily, which is immediately carried out on a kind of family council and discussed by other relatives.

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