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Fans of the same films with Mel Gibson’s series “Lethal Weapon” will look with pleasure. In the center of the plot is yesterday’s sea cat Martin Riggs, who moves to California after a family tragedy. His pregnant wife died in a car accident, and now Martin is purely subconsciously trying to do everything to follow her. In California, he easily arranges to work in the police, because his experience and skills only for this and are suitable.

Here the partner of the protagonist is the experienced cop Roger Mert, who also has a lot of problems. Relations with the family are constantly under pressure because of Roger’s busy schedule, and recently he had a heart attack at all, after which he was forced to retire temporarily.

Together, men must investigate the most difficult and dangerous cases, but Martin, according to his partner, behaves inadequately. After a family tragedy, he seems to be running into trouble himself, doing everything to catch a bullet. But the actions of the partner put Roger’s life in jeopardy, which the experienced cop does not like, because his family is waiting for him.

The police begin to clash rather than become loyal partners for each other. Their conflicts interfere with investigations, and only Murth’s wisdom helps him realize that Riggs’s strange, aggressive behavior hides a serious tragedy. All that is required for the main characters is to realize their own dissimilarity and to use it competently for conducting serious investigations. Among the circle of communication detectives are drug addicts, murderers, robbers – all those who interfere with the quiet life of citizens of Los Angeles.

Time goes by, the number of serious cases increases, in fact, as well as the efficiency of the new team of policemen. Martin gets acquainted with the family of his partner, imbued with sympathy for his wife and children. Roger is trying to help him cope with grief and overcome the tragedy, starting a new life. Just another investigation, densely tied with cruel murders and big money, can upset the friendship of such different policemen, jeopardizing not only their career, but also their lives.

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