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The great time-master named Rip Hunter in 2166, traveling to the future and the past, witnessed terrible events that would lead to a real apocalypse. The reason for the future of the apocalypse is the super-villain of the future Vandal Sevid, who planned to destroy not only the planet Earth, but the entire universe. A prosperous terrestrial civilization is threatened with complete annihilation. Savage intends to kill more and family members Rip, all his relatives and relatives.

Rip can not reconcile with this. Trying to find a way to save mankind, he goes to 150 years past. It was at that time that the real heroes and super-men lived. Each of the superheroes has a special talent. So, for example, the great inventor and millionaire Ray Palmer, who created an unusual suit capable of reducing any object to the size of an atom, or Jefferson and Mr. Stein, who together form a mega-human Fire Storm. Rip and the uncommonness of the Human-hawk by the name of Carter Hall, the courage of the charming Kendra Sanders, known by the nickname Orlitz, will defeat Rip.

But to defeat the universe of evil, which can destroy even the time, some superheroes are not enough. Therefore, Hunter makes the decision to take in the team and supervillains – the most desperate crooks, among whom is a specially trained assassin White Canary, Captain Cold named Leonard Snart and Mick Rory named Thermal Wave.

The team collected so different characters that they have a hard time working together to exist. All of them, led by Rip Hunter, fearlessly set off in a completely different era to fight against an all-consuming and unprecedented evil. Despite the different characters and views on life, our heroes will risk their lives to save humanity and the entire universe. They will have to learn how to work in a team, rejecting all prejudices and stepping over pride.

Will the main characters of the series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” change the future and stop the impending catastrophe? Rip Hunter will try to do everything for it. That’s only the rest of the team do not know that Rip has a personal motive. If members of his family die, the protagonist may lose interest in the mission itself, despite its universal significance.

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