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The plot was based on the real crime that occurred in Beverly Hills and shocked the whole of America in 1989. The head of the Menendez family was found dead in his mansion. He was shot at point-blank range when he was resting on the couch. His wife was asleep at that moment. Waking up from the shots, she tried to escape from the killers, but they managed to wound her. A bleeding woman, they finished off ten shots in the head, and then mutilated the body and face with clubs. Later, the investigation will establish that the sons of Lyle and Eric were killed by their parents. They immediately confessed to the crime and the only issue that interested the police and the public – why? The trial of the killers made a lot of noise and instantly became a real detective soap opera, where each series opened up new secrets and gloomy secrets of the Mendez family. The process was even more reminiscent of the show, when several TV channels were given the right to broadcast court sessions. The defense claimed that the father and mother cruelly treated their sons, exposing them to sexual and emotional violence. But the prosecution refuted these allegations. Then a version appeared that the brothers wanted to get access to family finances. The series “Law & Order: True Crime” will tell this blood-chilling story, which still causes a lot of controversy and gossip.

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