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The story plot is rather trivial, and it has already been played by cinematographers in TV sagas and catastrophe films: the action begins in 2020, after a terrible catastrophe, in which all living creatures perished, and only one person managed to survive. But in this series it will go a little bit about the other. The main character is not at all a superhero struggling to save the remnants of civilization, he does not need to fight for resources and food or save the planet from evil zombies, aliens, etc. Before him, the most ordinary American, there is an entirely different task – to survive and not get off mind, remaining completely alone.

At first glance, his life is not so bad. Phil settled in the best house, surrounded himself with the most expensive and outstanding works of art, all the shops are open only for him. There is no need to decide anything, to bear responsibility, and the disgusted work in the bank has remained in the distant past “before the catastrophe”. There is only human communication. To escape from loneliness, Phil travels all over America, scattering leaflets with information about himself. There is no answer, and when he is ready to end his lonely, joyless existence, crashing into the rock, Phil notices a trickle of smoke on the horizon. But unfortunately, the fire is not sitting by a beautiful stranger, but by a gray mouse that has long been hopelessly dreaming of getting married. Now they are trying to create a family together and are ready to shoulder the great responsibility for the salvation and continuation of the human race. Moreover, each of them considers his partner far from perfect, and Phil’s dissatisfaction with new rules and constant control grows every day …

But, it turns out, there is another, really charming woman who responded to Phil’s leaflet and came to the city for his search. Find out how their relationship will develop, and if there is someone else who survived the disaster, you can on our site by selecting the TV series “The Last Man on Earth”.

This light film, full of humor, ridiculous and paradoxical situations, in which heroes get into, trying to build their relationships in a completely new world, will make you relax and smile. Or maybe it’s a completely different way to look at the usual things that seem to be quite worthless …

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