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Ennaliz Keating is an excellent lawyer. She does a brilliant job, most of her clients manage to get out of court justified. Well, if the case is super complicated, then, believe me, they will conclude the best deal with the prosecutor. You will be able to make sure of this if you start How to avoid punishment for murder watch online.

In addition to successful legal practice, Ennaliz teaches criminal law at the university, or how she likes to call this course “How to Get Away with Murder”. The professor is sure that in fact it is not at all important whether her client has committed a crime or not. After all, her task is not to get to the truth, but to convince the judge and the jury that this did not happen. In order to achieve the desired result, the lawyer will do everything possible, even if it does not look too humane and legal.

Every year she chooses a team of pets who are internally trained in her. Usually these are the most capable, hardworking and ambitious young people. This time, Ennaliz’s team got: a nice guy of non-traditional orientation Conor Walsh, a girl who dreams of becoming the second Miss Keating – Mikaella Pratt, son of the famous judge Asher Milstoun, clever and hearty Laurel Castillo and the usual, at first sight, guy Wes Gibbins. All of them came to master the course of Professor Keating. However, the guys do not even realize that in a couple of months they will have to apply the knowledge gained in real life.

This five students showed themselves well enough in the class and deserved their place among the leaders. All except Gibbins. Tikhonya Wes does not fit into this team at all, he even got on to the course to Ennaliz one of the last. He is not very ambitious, without influential parents and acquaintances, but he will become the key figure of the series.

In the meantime, students begin to work on their first business. Their first client was the Aspirin Assassin. The secretary is accused of deliberately killing his boss. Between the accused and the victim was a love affair, which greatly complicates her situation. Will Miss Keating and her team justify the client? And how will they manage it?

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