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TV show “Hawaii Five-0”. Steve McGarrett previously served as a naval officer, has many awards. During Steve’s performance of the special mission to transport the dangerous criminal, the bandits take his father hostage and demand to exchange him for his man. However, when an attempt was made to release a criminal from the militants, the one to whom the stakes were going was killed. As a result, the deal can not take place, and Steve’s father is killed. The son becomes involuntarily involved in this tragedy.

Soon he arrives in Hawaii, Oahu Island, to honor his father’s memory and find his killer. The governor of the state convinces him to stay and lead the team to investigate crimes. It is proposed that all actions of the super-police will be coordinated with Steve’s personal rules and code of honor. The governor promises to avoid possible bureaucratic delays, people from the group will have full immunity and without complications will be able to catch large bandits of any color.

To McGarrett, Danny Williams, the detective recently translated from the continent, has to join in the first place. He absolutely does not like beaches, he is ready to swim only when necessary, but he desperately burns with desire to overcome crime on the island so that his daughter is always safe. With his wife, he is divorced and communicates with the child only occasionally. He is proud, but very reliable in the matter.

The third member of the group is Chin Ho Kelly. He was previously a detective in Honolulu, but was mistakenly accused of bribery and now works in a small shop. Since the trust of the murdered father Steve to Chin was unshakable, McGarrett immediately takes him to his new team.

And the last member of the bright and flawless four of the Hawaii police team is Sister Chin, Kono Kalakaua. She just graduated from the police academy and is eager to find her place. He has the skills of hand-to-hand combat and is always ready to stand up for himself. And when the group of McGarrett decides to eradicate crime on the islands, all the bandits are not sweet.

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