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The series “Gotham” tells how the story originated with all the favorite characters from the comics. It all begins with the death of the parents of Bruce Wayne, a boy who is destined to become a defender of the city. Arrived at the crime scene, Commissioner James Gordon promises Bruce that he will find and punish the killers. However, the matter is not so simple as it seemed at first. Gordon will have to fight for his life and take not the most successful decisions.

In the course of the plot’s development, the audience will meet many familiar characters: Prosecutor Harvey Dent (the same one that later becomes a maniac Dvulikim); Selina Kyle, who in a few years will turn into a Catwoman; Oswald “Penguin” Cobblpot, starting a simple “six”, but then received the post of “right hand” head of the local mafia clan, and many others.

Commissar Gordon struggles to keep his promise to Bruce, but at the same time he has to confront Falcone and Maroni, the leaders of the gotham mafia. Bruce Wayne and Celina Kyle find out the essence of the project “Arkham”, suspecting that because of him and were killed the parents of the future Batman. This helps to get closer to the future villain and great hero. However, already now, as teenagers, they look at the world in completely different ways, through the prism of differing moral principles.

Penguin maneuvers between the warring parties, trying to get the most benefit for himself and his mysterious boss. The identity of this mafia leader is unknown to anyone, but he horrifies all the inhabitants of Gotham, forcing even law enforcement officers to forget about their vows concerning the protection of local residents.

Soon on the streets of the city there is also a drug that gives people superpowers. His unlimited possibilities give rise to new problems for Captain Gordon. Assassins and rapists, thieves and lovers of bribes – in Gotham there is so much dirt, but lacks a real hero, leader and defender of peace. Sooner or later Bruce will grow up, but in the meantime to protect the streets from criminals will have to Captain Gordon, whose personal life suffers a lot because of his respectable activity.

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