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Popular TV show by Blake Crouch, Chad Hodge with original title Good Behavior first aired 2016-11-15 on TNT. All episodes of Good Behavior season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

Fraught Letti Dobesh (Michelle Dockery) is happy with the long-awaited launch after a second interval of imprisonment.

The woman becomes an eyewitness of this crime being ready: ” she hears a dialogue between the operator of the stronger gender and the hired killer who’s going to kill his spouse. Letty decides to protect against the murder, for this, she has familiar with all the killer …

The striking tv series “Good Behavior” is a movie adaptation of this series of all Blake Crouch’s books Letty Dobesh Chronicles.

Good Behavior season 2

Good Behavior season 2

Good Behavior    2016-11-15

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TMDb: 6.8/10 32 votes

Fraught Letty Dobesh is pleased with the long-awaited release after another period of imprisonment. The lady becomes an eyewitness of the offense being prepared: she hears a conversation between the representative of the stronger sex and the hired killer who is about to kill his wife. Letty decides to prevent the murder, for this, she gets acquainted with the killer ... The dramatic television series "Good Behavior" season 2 is a film adaptation of the series of Blake Crouch's novels "Letty ...

Good Behavior season 1

Good Behavior season 1


TMDb: /10 votes

TELEVISION program "Good Behavior" is an upcoming American dramatization based on novella collection of Blake Crouch. The story of the tale is concentrated on Letty Dobesh, ex lover burglar and also scam artist, that likes her way of living. Being back from the jail, she attempts "to survive". She intends to locate a task, having a good behavior, when she unintentionally is all ears the male speaking with somebody. Someone intends to work with a gunman to murder his better half. ...

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