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From the first shots, the series takes to the dismal expanses of North America in the 18th century, where the battle begins. This battle between Indigenous Indians and American settlers, who are eager to seize the people and land. Greed pushes the subtle extermination of the local. Within each camp, their dramas flare up. In this cynical and ruthless war for the gifts of nature there is a place not only for violence. Intrusive intrigues in the struggle for supremacy, betrayal and ambiguous love storyline organically intertwine, creating a stunning contrast with the reign of bloody massacre. The atmosphere immediately captivates, because much was actually.

Three centuries ago, on the North American continent, behind fur-bearing animals and precious metals, the colonialists from the Old World came together. Prosperity rape, violence and cruelty. Invaders are many, they are armed and ambitious. Wanting to get rare furs and gold, the American colonialists coolly exterminate local residents by whole tribes, no mercy for women or children. After all, in the pursuit of profit, Europeans are able to kill anyone who tries to stop them. But in pursuit of easy money, the colonialists did not take into account one thing – local people are born hunters who do not fear death itself, if it is a struggle for freedom.

The indigenous population is providing decent resistance, demonstrating to the colonialists the true value of life. Harsh land and excellent knowledge of the area, help the Indians to desperately defend the boundaries of their possessions. Many invaders lost their scalp, thanks to the efforts of the soldiers. But the armed settlers continue to attack, and the end of the confrontation is impossible to predict.

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