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The act of the television series “Freakish” happens in a small and temperate American city. In some of the Saturdays, as soon as the students of the regional institute were content with the lovely weather and the completion of their studies, an explosion exploded at the chemical plant and a fire started. Coach of the football team decides to evacuate the kids in an old, long abandoned bomb shelter. Children try to endure all the hardships only a small amount and realize what kind of chemical weapons they made at the regional plant …

On a fine Sabbath day in an American provincial town, a chemical plant exploded, then a fire started. The pupils of the institute try to hide from the results of the tragedy in an abandoned bomb shelter. Teenagers in conjunction with the coach of the football team are trying to find out, in fact, for the chemical gun manufactured in the factory, and how to persist in the aftermath of the disaster.

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