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If you like exciting stories about maniacs, psychopaths and serial killers, pay attention to one of the most popular serials of this genre – “Criminal Minds”.

The series tells about the work of a special department created under the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States – the department of behavioral analysis. In this department, specialists of different profiles work, but the team unites the team with one goal: searching for serial killers and investigating the most serious crimes.

Yes, all members of the team of the famous department are professionals. Jason Gideon for several years was a permanent leader and, in fact, is one of the founders of the department. A few seasons, his place will be charming and charismatic Aaron Hotchner. Derek Mogran and the beautiful Ell often perform operational work. The indefatigable “JJ” is a public relations specialist. The ingenious Spencer Reed does not tire of impressing with his intellect, and the shepherd and clockwork Penelope brings to the work of this serious team such a necessary share of optimism.

Each series is devoted to the investigation of a particular case. Do not get tired of being amazed at what psychopaths there are in the world: here you will hear terrible stories about stranglers and arsonists, pedophiles and rapists, maniacs and, of course, their victims.

It is interesting to observe how the investigation is being built. The team of professionals calculates the perpetrator not so much by the evidence as by analyzing his behavior and composing a psychological profile. In the series there are not so many customary thrillers and shootings. However, the plot of each series is very dynamic and eventful. Even more intrigue adds episodes that tell the story of each of the heroes. Over time, it turns out that each of the profilers of the FBI department in the past has its own terrible story. Moreover, heroes often themselves become victims of their “clients.”

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