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In Brooklyn, on the 99th site, the boss was replaced by a smartly gay African-American, named Ray Holt. As often happens, the new boss is full of hopes and aspirations to make his site the best. And the only true way in his opinion is strict discipline of all subordinates, serious attitude to the matter of strict adherence to subordination. However, there is one problem here, and the name is Jake Peralta. He is a little infantile, does not recognize the framework, considers himself no less than a genius in the detection of crimes and constantly releases various jokes that irritate one part of the site and amuse the other. For him, work is an endless celebration. Naturally, this image of the cop does not meet Ray Holt’s idea of ​​an ideal policeman. All his attempts to re-educate Peralta lead to amusing situations.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is worth seeing in the first place in order to learn in the loved heroes themselves, relatives, their friends. Surely in your circle of friends there is a man who looks like Jake’s best friend, who is in love with a colleague. Probably you can name some brutal guy who becomes very nice when you mention his family, the same as Sergeant Terry Jeffords. And most likely you’ve met a girl who aspires to always be first in everything, like Amy Santiago, for example.

This series, of course, was created not with the goal of educating a reasonable, kind, eternal person. And not even to keep the viewer in suspense and waiting for an epic outcome all 20 minutes. In the first place, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” entertaining sitcom. Its main value is that it allows you to forget about your problems and have a good laugh. And this is already a lot!

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