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The main characters in the animated series are the Bob Belcher family, who has a beloved wife and three children. Bob knows about cooking hamburgers almost everything. However, he has no idea what sanitary standards are and how to properly serve customers, so that they later want to come again. More often than not, children do not help him in the development of business, but they are in the way and get in the way. A hysterical wife often swears with her husband about everything that surrounds them. Despite this, they still love each other and dream that their diner knows not only the whole area, but also the city. Unfortunately, to achieve this goal, they do not really do anything and are just waiting. In addition, their snack bar is not in a very profitable place – near the crematorium. That is why the family will often meet with coffins, corpses and people who recently buried their relatives.

Bob Belcher is a businessman who makes every effort to make his restaurant successful. He really needs help. However, his wife Linda Belcher is not very much in a hurry to help him in this. It is better to find out the relationship with her husband than to follow various instructions. The oldest sister Tina wears glasses, and she’s also very awkward. Linda believes that her daughter suffers from autism, although she has no idea what the disease is. The younger daughter Louise has an unusual sense of humor, and she also adores wearing a pink hat with rabbit ears. She constantly gives out various obscene jokes, from which others just are not alone. The only son in the family is Jin, who loves to play the piano. The father often asks the guy to help, although this is not always good for him. When a father has problems at work, he is not very much in a hurry to seek help from his children, because they quite often make such trouble that even the hair becomes on end. What kind of trouble, should Bob Burgers watch online.

When Bob first opened his small restaurant, all problems immediately began to fall on his shoulders. First, he came to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, which learned that in his restaurant for some reason stored a coffin with a dead man. Linda’s wife even joked about the fact that they sell hamburgers from human flesh. Later, the sanitary service will often visit Bob only for the reason that the institution is closed. The reasons for closure will be a large number, for example, mold in the institution. Also, more than once in his restaurant there will be different festivals, which are gathered in the district by a large number of people. Bob’s nature is very similar to the protagonist of the animated series Gravity Falls, who was also constantly looking for solutions to how to make money. Which of the heroes is better, judged only by you.

Bob is the real head of the family, who is ready to do anything to provide for his family. He will borrow money from friends, work as a taxi driver and even rent out rooms for the weekend. To the Bob family often comes the neighbor-mortician Mort, who is ready to do anything to help a friend. Also, Bob will have to endure the arrival of the parents of his wife and her sister, who will one day want to post their pictures in the diner. Most of his time, the head of the family will spend at his cafe with his family. But later he will find dozens of other opportunities to make money. He will sell hamburgers from the van, and later will even lead the culinary show, where he will show everything he is capable of. In addition, the cartoon is cynical and with a share of black humor, which is sure to appeal to teenagers and people of age.

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