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The primary characters of this series “Blue Bloods” are all members of those Reagan household, whose lives are closely correlated with the authorities of New York. Frank Reagan, who’s the mind of the authorities – that the family patriarch of this Reagans, who quite diplomatically controls them and he handles to handle law enforcement. Frank’s daddy, Henry, also formerly held the high office of the mind of law enforcement. Frank has Danny’s eldest son, who’s his pride, however in precisely the identical time gives him lots of worry and trouble. He is a fantastic family person, a veteran of this war from Iraq, a seasoned detective. But occasionally he uses dangerous and questionable methods for solving crimes. The single girl in the household who functions as a helper to the prosecutor of all New York is Erin, that illustrates the legislation to the dad and brothers. He, after the family tradition, turned into a cop. His conclusion was encouraged by his lovely woman Sidney. But abruptly in the Life Span of Jama there are significant modifications, which even the dad Doesn’t understand …

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