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If you like serials with unexpected turns of the plot, we offer “Blindspot”. This story began on a cold New York night. Passers-by noticed in the middle of the street a strange big bag with a threatening inscription and called the FBI. The fact that the agents found in the traveling bag had plunged everyone into shock. In the bag sat an adult, frightened woman. She was completely naked, her body was covered only with tattoos.

Figures were everywhere – strange figures, signs, hieroglyphics. The victim was like a treasure map. But the strangest thing is that the girl did not remember absolutely nothing of her past life. Neither the name, nor the type of activity, nor how it got here. The only inscription on the body that could be a clue is Agent Weller’s last name on his back. But even here the failure, the employee swears that he has never seen a girl in his life. The FBI takes charge of the investigation.

During a thorough medical examination, it was established that amnesia is not accidental. Someone specially erased the memory of the girl to confuse the tracks. Whether the memory will return to the victim is not yet known. Outbreaks of memory can provoke strong moral upheavals, but for now it remains only to spare patience and wait.

Studying tattoos on the body, a woman finds hieroglyphics. It automatically translates their value, there is the date and address in the Chinatown. The agents go in search of new hooks, and find the place where the bomb and the video message of the attacker have just been made. FBI officials understand that a terrorist attack is planned in New York today. The offender plans to undermine the Statue of Liberty.

Agent Weller and his team are sent to the island of Liberty to find a criminal. An unknown woman goes with them. She wants to help catch the criminal, in the hope that he will recognize her and tell you about the past. But unexpectedly for herself the girl shows good fighting ability and excellent shooting from the weapon. Probably, the victim in the past underwent special training.

The Terror act was prevented, and all thanks to the mysterious girl. And what if all the inscriptions on her back are coded messages, having solved which it will be possible to save a lot of people …

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