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The series “Players”, directed by Peter Berg with the participation of Duane Johnson, famous for his roles in the films “The Fast and the Furious 6” and “The Mummy Returns”, knows the situation of the football team, at every step that fans, the press, fans of rival teams watch carefully.

A tragicomic series about a group of football players and their families, friends and coaches. The main character of the television series “Players” is the former football star Spencer Strassmore (Duane Johnson). He turns back into the football world, although now he is not wearing a sports shirt, but a serious suit. Using his own acquaintances, he makes deals with old friends and new players like their clerk. To make money on former employees he is helped by the businessman-loser Joe (Rob Cordry).

So much attention is focused on the life of football players and their families. Although they are all ordinary people, in whose lives there are joys and sorrows, and this means, it’s impossible to prevent amusing funny cases and incidents. Observers will be able to see that side of the players’ life in American football, which traditionally is not accepted to show the public.

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