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Young woman Ellie Mayfair-Richards brings up her son and meets a pretty girl. It seems that her life is perfect, but everything changes in one day, when the election of the new US president is taking place. The victory of Donald Trump is shocking to Ellie, and soon visions begin to haunt her. She continually encounters ghosts, strange figures that appear not only in her house, but also in the street and even in the supermarket, in front of other people. This circumstance shocked Ellie, and she tries to find a rational explanation for the horrors that are taking place. Meanwhile, the son of the main character notes that her mother is behaving strangely. This is pointed out by Ellie’s girlfriend, who has her secrets.

Kai Andreson is a weird guy with blue hair, who, on the contrary, was pleased with Trump’s victory in the elections. He has his own philosophy, which he adheres to for many years. Possessing a unique ability to persuade, Kai soon finds an army of faithful followers, forming a powerful cult.

But the young man does not want to change the world for the better, but the desire to plunge him into anarchy. That’s why Kai sanctions a series of disorderly crimes.

Beekeeper Harrison Wilton is used to doing things he loves, devoting all his free time to him. The man is somehow connected with Ellie and Kai, but their true relationship will open only when the city is swept by a wave of incredible murders.

A powerful cult is growing in the city, and its activities are somehow connected with the presidential elections in the United States. The incredible victory of Donald Trump affected every citizen of the country, but were these elections fair? It is worthwhile to continue to watch “American Horror Story” to find out how evil and multifaceted and mysterious it can be. Ellie will have to dive headlong into the abyss of horror, because that’s where the mystery of her incredible visions is hidden.

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